ConceptDraw Solution Audio Video Connectors

ConceptDraw Solution Audio Video Connectors 1.0

Adds pre-made icons and examples of the connectors to ConceptDraw Pro
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Audio and video connectors are both electrical connectors that are widely used for carrying both audio and video signals.
Video connectors carry only video signals. There are many well-known ones, such as component video aka YPbPr, composite video, DB13W3, DMS-59 (a single connector that can be carrying two VGA and two DVI), Musa (a popular in Britain connector that can be used in both telecommunications and broadcasting), PAL connector (popular in Europe “antenna connector”), S-Video, SDI, VGA connector (one of the D-sub connector type which is standard on most video cards), Mini-VGA (can be found on some laptop computers), 5 BNC Connectors (can be also used for carrying the VGA signal, such as B, G, R, HSync and/or VSync), Digital Visual Interface (a digital connector that is known to be commonly used on PC graphics cards as well as LCD monitors), etc.

Multi-conductor audio connectors are DB25 (used for multi-track recording as well as other multi-channel audio, either digital or analog), DIN and mini-DIN connectors, screw terminal connectors that are widely used for control and audio signals (e.g., "Phoenix connectors", Euroblock "European-style terminal block”, etc.), RCA connectors (used for either digital or analog audio or analog video), “speakon” connectors, etc.

All the mentioned connectors can be always used for creating the needed schemes as well as the digital audio interconnects and interfaces, such as ADAT interface, AES/EBU interface or/and S/PDIF.

The Audio and Video Connectors solution was developed in order to extend the ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and drawing software’s functionality with the pre-made icons of the connectors and the previously created examples of the schemes that can be always edited in the needed way by adding the most common types of either video or audio connections, or both.

The Audio and Video Connectors solution can be used by any ConceptDraw PRO user and especially it can be useful for the electricians, IT and other specialists.

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